Letter from the Chairperson

Welcome to BCS Swiss section website. The website has been redesigned so that it is easier to maintain and provides an improved platform for promoting events. You can help us further with communication by making sure that the email address held in your BCS profile is up to date.

BCS is now 50 years old and continues to grow and to gain respect as a beacon of professionalism. The Swiss section was founded in 2004 and supports the more than one hundred BCS members based in Switzerland. We hold about five meetings each year including the Annual General Meeting and Dinner which normally takes place in September/October (revised).

Our meetings are varied but usually have a goal of broadening our education and always provide an opportunity to network with fellow professionals. Our past events have included talks on a variety of subjects including Computer Forensics, IT Security, a visit to IBM Research laboratories and a presentation of IT at UNHCR.

Organising events is rarely an easy task. Typically we need a speaker, meeting place, refreshments, data and time, funding and publicity. Your committee works hard to bring all of these components together. We are always open to your suggestions for events and funding may be available.

Please contact us via the feedback form if you would like to help with an event, participate or would like more information about BCS.

We look forward to your feedback and to seeing you at our events.

Kind regards,

Eur.Ing Dr Mike Bellhouse CEng MBCS CITP
Chairman - BCS Switzerland Section